The National Archives of Hungary Hajdú-Bihar County Archives is the official archive for Hajdú-Bihar County in Hungary.

The archive is in the process of changing websites (older site is here) and some of their material has not been transferred to the new site so some links will take you to records on their old website. If the URL doesn’t bring up a page with the option to translate and you need a Hungarian translation, try copying the URL/website address and pasting it into a new window and see if you get the translation option. Or, open and copy and paste text into the window and select “Hungarian” (or let it detect the language) and translate into your desired language.

Onsite records:

  • scopeArchive listing of Hajdú-Bihar County Archive holdings (if the link opens to Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár, hit the + button, then go to HBML Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Levéltár and expand the Hajdú-Bihar County Archives file folder by hitting the + button)

  • Onsite collections include archives of the former City of Debrecen Archives and the former Bihar County. Materials include charters from the 13th century, manuscript collections from the 1500s, city protocols from the 1700s, nobility documents, and much more.

Online collections:

  • Soldier Registries “Registries for patrols (1756-1942) Personnel records for setting up and completing a permanent army. Under the summary name there are several types of document. We can distinguish recruiting, drawing, dismissal, review, posting registrations. There is a list of missing soldiers, there are also lists of documents and release requests between the documents. The language of the documents is Latin, German, Hungarian depending on the age, depending on the location. …In addition to the basic data (father, mother’s name, marital status, year of birth, residence), we can also find data on health status, appearance or schooling.”

  • The Archive recommends these sites for Hungarian Military Service background: Military Place and Servants of Old Bakers and Heroes of the Great War (not at the Hajdú-Bihar County Archives)

  • Orsós szalagok adatbázisa

  • Hajdú-Bihar County Archives databases that are not online at the time of this listing (Status: Még nem kereshetö)

Title. 4024 Debrecen, County Hall u. 1 / B.
Phone: 52 / 503-296

Kossuth Street Research
Address: 4024 Debrecen, Kossuth u. 12-14.
Cell: 20 / 311-2556, 30

Hajdúböszörményi Account Archives
Address: 4220, Dorogi u. 5th
Phone: 30 / 6377-974


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