The National Archives of Hungary Zala County Archives is the official archive for Zala County in Hungary.

The archive is in the process of changing websites and some of their material has not been transferred to the new site so some links will take you to records on their old website. If the URL ( doesn’t bring up a page with the option to translate and you need a Hungarian translation, try copying the URL/website address and pasting it into a new window and see if you get the translation option. Or, open and copy and paste text into the window and select “Hungarian” (or let it detect the language) and translate into your desired language.

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[su_heading size=”20″]Onsite Collections [/su_heading]

  • Zala County Archive File Register

  • Journals/Magazines

  • Newspapers/Magazines

  • scopeArchive listing of Zala County Archive holdings (if the link opens to Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár, hit the + button, then go to ZML Zala Megyei Levéltár and expand the Zala County Archives file folder by hitting the + button)

Online collections (website is changing so these links can’t be made live)

  • Hungarian Archives Portal records with digitized images search at Zala County Archives (Filter by Source: Zala, then hit Search for search returns)

  • Zala Digital Archive

  • Zala County Local History Encyclopedia

  • The county and district officers, respectively. Base officials time of service 1138 – 2004 (use top menu for Search feature)

  • AGM protocols indicator 1861-1900 (use top menu to Search)

  • Zala County Courts of Registration Trade Register 1876-1948 (use top menu to Search)

  • The Zalavár Kapornak convents and the archives of authentic local oklevélregesztái 1527-1544 for explanation, select “Introduction” from top menu

  • A noble cadastre Zala 1790, 1829, 1845th (use top menu to navigate and Search)

  • Meeting minutes of Zala 1555-1710

  • Medieval charters 1240 (1019) -1526 (use top menu for User Guide)

  • The parliamentary elections in 1945 and the 1947 results of Zala county database (use top menu to navigate)

  • Corporate reports (use top menu to Search)

  • Notes on the data type ZML IV. 433. Individual documents collection FOND

  • Notes on the data type ZML V. 1607c. Zalaegerszeg Mayor documents. Administrative file record unit

  • 1945 certification committees

  • Noble Escutcheoned

  • Deák Ferenc Documents

  • Handwritten Maps

Virtual Exhibitions

  • Dictatorship, Revolution, Retaliation

  • Szent István Church of the Battle of Mohács (Zala County Archives medieval charters 1019-1526)


Publications/Digitized books

There are many publications/digitized books-use the Legend (below) to understand what is available and where you can view it for free or purchase a copy.

Hungarian Archives Digitized Books legend








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