“The National Army Museum has one of the leading NZ military research centres in New Zealand. Whether tracing your own family connections or researching New Zealand’s military history, the Army Museum is a fantastic facility.”

“The date range of the military museum material is from 1840 to the present day, and covers all theatres of war the New Zealand Army has been involved in, including peackeeping missions.”

On-site Military collections include:

  • personal diaries, memoirs and letters

  • records of certain Veteran Associations

  • photographs and photo albums (this includes the official WWI & WWII Photographic Collections)

  • artworks

  • oral histories

  • newspapers

  • troopship and unit magazines

  • maps and plans

  • ephemera

  • philatelic collections

  • souvenirs and postcards

  • military sheet music

  • military training and technical manuals/pamphlets

The National Army Museum has some online object, photo, and hardware collections.


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