National Digital Archive (Polish: Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe or NAC) is a digital archive in Poland and by 2030 they intend to be the primary online portal for all Polish Archives.

NAC has an online search engine,, which searches civil registrations/parish records throughout Poland and displays scanned images provided by local archives.

They currently host material (primarily photographic) from some state archives in Poland and are expanding their infrastructure to host collections from all state archives and other institutions throughout Poland.

Currently, their holdings include:

  • 15 million photographs

  • 40,000 records

  • 2,000 movies

Collections include, but are not limited to: 

  • Concern Illustrated Daily Courier – Illustration Archive (1910-1939)
  • Publishing Press Krakow-Warszawa [Zeitungsverlag Krakau-Warsaw] (1939-1945) 
  • Socialist Press Agency (1946-1948)
  • Central Agency ( 1944-1990)
  • Photographic Archive Julius Lubicz – Lisowski ( 1963-1985)
  • Polish Telegraph Agency ( 1918-1939)
  • A collection of photographs of various origins ( 1858-1998)
  • A collection of photographs from the area of Jelenia Góra and the surrounding area ( 1918-1939)
  • A collection of 10 reproductions on Revolution 1,905 years (1904-1907)
  • A collection of postcards (1900-1960)
  • Wenceslas Żdżarskiego Photographic Archive (1944-1946)
  • “Polish Television” – headquarters in Warsaw (1960-1966)
  • Photographic Archive Stanisława Brzozowskiego  [1900] 1945-1952
  • Office Publishing – propaganda “Movement” (1951-1966)
  • Tadeusz Sierosławskiego Photographic Archive (1945-1960)
  • Photographic Archive Czesława donations (1939-1946)
  • A collection of photographs relating to the celebration of the Millennium of the Baptism Church Polish (1966)
  • Photographic Archive Władysława Miernickiego (1945-1968)
  • Ministry of Information and Documentation of the Polish Government in Exile (1939-1945)
  • The Institute  [1885] (1914-1939)
  • Publishing House “Sport and Tourism” – a photographic archive (1945-1988)
  • Tadeusz Szumański Photographic Archive (1912-1984)
  • Boleslaw Denasiewicza Photographic Archive (1940-1941)
  • Photographic Archive Władysława Chomy (1940-1946)
  • Stefan Rassalskiego Photographic Archive (1939-1948)
  • and many more photographic and digital collections


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  1. Please tell me when Polish Archives will once again available to foreign users. I am despite residing in USA,
    am Polish citizen, visited my Polish roots since 2014. I also speak, write and read Polish. Why are stopping foreign users?

    1. I’m sorry I don’t know why their site is timing out for US users. You can try emailing the archive directly at


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