The National Library of Jamaica is the primary archive of Jamaica and has online offerings and links for family history and genealogy research including:

Jamaican Biographies-in alphabetical order by last name

Digital Images Collection– photograph collection of the National Library of Jamaica

Picture Dis-“a collection of images highlighting people, places, and products of Jamaica”

Riots and Rebellions-from the National Library of Jamaica, the 1831 Sam Sharpe Rebellion and the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion

Slave Trade Collection-a bibliography of the West Indies slave trade and some full-text items relating to the abolition of the slave trade, includes a chronology of the slave trade and newspaper articles

Google Books-Jamaica-“18th and 19th century publications… largely about Slavery, Emancipation and Colonial Rule.”

dLoc-Digital Library of the Caribbean which hosts some National Library of Jamaica collections as well as many collections from Caribbean countries and partnering institutions



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