The Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging, NGV (English: Netherlands Genealogical Society aka Dutch Genealogical Society) is the “the largest genealogy organization in the Netherlands, an association has about 5,000 members and run entirely by volunteers. Our association building is in Weesp. The NGV has as one of the largest Dutch genealogical collections in which members and non-members (fee) to do their research. A selection from this collection: DTB books and transcripts, reference books, microfiche, family ads, devotional, heraldic archives…” 


NGV members have access to databases including almost one million Prayer cards with name, place of death, date of death, partner; Library entries/books index; Journals; 18 million death clippings; Visit their site for membership options.

Other resources for members include:

  • City Library Books  “This file contains 16012 books, last update 13-04-2017. The emphasis is on family genealogy publications such as books and pedigrees. Also archive inventories and related topics such as regional histories, cadastral atlases and other material for decorating your genealogy.”

  • Library Heraldry “This file contains the titles of 1645 heraldic books, last update 26-01-2017. The emphasis is on family crests and some municipal and provincial arms.”

  • Index Microfiches “This file contains names an index of 160 933 in the following documents: New Goes Courant, Amsterdamsche Courant, Batavian Newspaper who Ostfriesen in America, Doetinchems Weekly, the East Gelderlander, the Preangerbode, Soerabayasch Handelsblad and the Baptism Books Oosterland. …Through the microfiche code can be requested from the microfiche on Microfiches department and see.”


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