Use this site to search for birth records(1867-1957), death records(1887-1957), or citizenship records(1868-1926) in Carson City, Nevada(previously Ormsby County). “Birth records include the names of the father and the mother. The child, in some cases, was not named until later and the name did not appear on the birth record. In that case, the father’s last name was used and then “son” or “daughter”. Also, the mother may have been listed as Mrs. and no maiden name or first name. Death records include mother and father names, if provided. In some instances, a person’s name was not provided on the death certificate, so these records will be listed as “unknown” male or female, “chinaman”, “chinawoman”, and/or “indian”. Other types of death records you might come across include Coroner’s Report(COR), Burial Records(BUR), Physician’s Certificate of Death, and other forms of documents. We have several entries that are a phrase, such as “One Arm Jim”, “Indian Maggie”, or “China Sall”, and are indexed just as they appear. Chinese name indexing is difficult because you can’t determine what the family name should be. For example, with the name Loy Ah Chung, “Loy” should be the family name(they are usually at the front of the name) but it could be Chung, a common Chinese name. If we assume it is Loy, then the name would be indexed as Loy, Ah Chung. To make things even more complicated, there are incomplete chinese names. Most often, the names are simply written as Ah Chung, Ah Jon, etc. We file them under “A”. In some cases, we have indexed them twice – first with the obvious first name and second with what we believe is a last or family name. Citizenship records include names of people filing for citizenship in the United States through the county’s court system. Back in the early 1900’s, a person could file for citizenship within the state rather than with the federal government. There are various documents with each individual.”


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