Nevada Court Records online includes all types of court records such as miscellaneous court collections, guardianship records, some probate records, and more. This is a preliminary list.


For present day court records online, please visit Nevada Public Records online for links.


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Nevada Court Records Online at the federal and state level

US – United States Public Records, 1970-2009, at FS 

US – U.S. Circuit Court Criminal Case Files, 1790-1871, at Anc$ 

US – United States, Index of Court Cases, 1833-2018, at MH

US – U.S., F.B.I. Deceased Criminal Identification Files, 1971-1994, at Anc$ 

US – American Protective League Correspondence, 1917-1919, at Anc$ 

US – U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patents, 1790-1909, at Anc$ 

US – United States Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Patents, 1970-2019, at Anc$ 

US – International Patents, 1890-2020, at Anc$ 



Nevada Court Records Online by County

Esmeralda County – Court Records – Attachments Index, 1864-1916, at FS

Lincoln County – Court Records – Nevada, Lincoln, Judgement Docket, 1933-1937, at FS



Nevada Court Records Online by City

Bunkerville – Notarial Records – Index to Notary Record Book (12 November 1934 to 5 September 1944) of Jas. S. Abbott : Notary and Postmaster of Bunkerville, Clark, Nevada, at FS


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