These digital map collections include Historic topographic maps(1863-1968), Sanborn Maps of Nevada(1877-1923), Historic geologic and mining maps and atlases(1848-1950), Nevada History in Maps(1750-1950), Highway maps(1917-2005), and Plats of Nevada State Lands(1867-1927). There are also related digital collections: Sanborn town maps of Nevada(UNR users only, mid-1880s-1960), Geospatial data and interactive maps for Nevada, and digital maps in UNLVs Collection. “The original focus of the digital map site was a collection of historic maps of Nevada presenting topographic, geologic, and mining themes which are not found in total in any of these institutions. Many of these maps are over 100 years old, deteriorating, rare, not cataloged and, therefore, not readily available or even known to all the potential patrons in Nevada. There are now over 4,000 maps and atlases on this site with many more to be added.

The second presentation to be offered was the Nevada History in Maps site, originally a collection of nearly 50 historic maps dating from 1750 into the 20th century. This set of maps depicts the western discovery and settlement of Nevada, as presented from the collections of the above mentioned institutions.

These first digital collections offer Nevada’s history cartographically for students and researchers at all levels, for legal use, and for the general public for infinite applications.”


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