New Hampshire Society of Genealogists | NHSOG is an organization that encourages genealogy and family history education and research in New Hampshire.



These regular publications are issued quarterly and distributed free to members:

New Hampshire Genealogical Record
The Record is a quarterly journal of compiled genealogy, source records and book reviews. Some back issues are available.

New Hampshire Society of Genealogists Newsletter
The Newsletter provides the latest information on genealogy and resources — find out more about what’s going on in New Hampshire genealogy with up-to-date information in our Newsletter.  NHSOG Newsletter is published bi-annually in September and February.


In accord with our goals to publish and make available genealogical material, the following special publications have been produced. If you are seeking vital records on New Hampshire people–and in many cases Maine and Massachusetts as well–check out these publications as you will find records here that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else!

Historical Memoranda concerning Persons and Places in Old Dover, N.H. Volume II.
If you have had the pleasure of reading “Brewster’s Rambles About Portsmouth”, “Gathered Sketches from the Early History of New Hampshire and Vermont” or Volume I of “Historical Memoranda”, you will certainly have a feel as to what is to be found in this follow-up to the 1900 volume published by John Scales, editor to the “Dover Enquirer.” Transcribed and Edited by William Edgar Wentworth. With 500 pages, 50 of them as full name index, Volume II contains information that was not included in the first edition including expanded early family sketches of the period, town historical notes as well valuable information on early mills and other businesses. Index lists nearly 1400 surnames. Hardcover, cloth.

New Hampshire Families in 1790
The New Hampshire Society of Genealogists is undertaking a project to document all of the families living in New Hampshire at the time of the 1790 census. This effort is similar to the successful Maine Families in 1790 publications which have been done by the Maine Genealogical Society.  Index online.

The Journals of Enoch Hayes Place, 1810-1865 (2 volumes)
Transcribed by William Edgar Wentworth, Rev Place’s 151 journals supply an unparalleled resource for the early 1800’s. Place presided at thousands of burials, baptisms, and marriages over 50 years in eastern New Hampshire and Maine.

Vital Records from the Exeter News-Letter, 1831-1865 (5 Volumes)
Compiled by Scott Chipman, this series includes vital records for a period that is often very difficult to research because of lack of public records. Records include areas of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

Vital Records from Dover, New Hampshire’s First Newspaper, 1790-1829
This book includes vital records printed in the Dover, New Hampshire newspaper during the period 1790-1829.



Membership in the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists is available to anyone interested in New Hampshire genealogy. Membership in the NHSOG begins with the month your check arrives. It
includes two newsletters and four numbered Records each year.

Membership Dues

Individual Member $ 20.00
Household Member $ 30.00
Life Membership $400.00 one-time payment for life
Outside U.S. $ 5.00 Additional U.S. Dollars

Membership Form

Select membership form and print using File menu, Print option on menu bar. Then send the form together check or money order in U.S. dollars made payable to NHSOG:

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  • Two general membership meetings are held each year, Spring and Fall, to bring to our members speakers and the latest information in the genealogy world
  • New Hampshire Society of Genealogists NEWSLETTER, published twice a year in Feb-Mar and Aug-Sept.
  • The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, a quarterly journal of compiled genealogy, source records and book reviews
  • Free queries on the NHSOG Facebook page.


We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our growing Society!


2 responses to “New Hampshire Society of Genealogists | NHSOG”

  1. Our family are descendants of George W. Nichols, born 1806 in Amherst N,H. Hillsboro county. We have adequate information on his marriages and family move to the town of Java in Western New York State.. we do not however, have anything on brothers or sisters, parents, etc. We would like to employ a genealogist from that area and seek your recommendation. Sincerely, Jim Prise

    1. Jim,

      I don’t personally know any genealogists who specialize in that area but I’d check with, NEHGS, Ask a Genealogist: They have great records for the New England area and will give you the advice you need, including on-site genealogists you can hire. You can also look at the Association of Professional Genealogists to find a researcher in any area.

      Best with your research,



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