The New Mexico State Land Office oversees 9 million surface acres and 13 million mineral acres. They have online resources for looking up land status records in New Mexico. They lease state trust land for a multitude of purposes including oil and gas, renewable energy, agriculture, and a broad array of commercial uses.


Online resources include:


  • GIS Data Download
    • New Mexico State Land Trusts by Subdivision
    • New Mexico State Land Trusts by Estate
    • Agricultural Leases
    • Commercial Leases
    • Renewable Energy Leases
    • Mineral Leases
    • Oil and Gas Leases


  • Interactive Maps
    • The General Land Status mapping application provides an overview of state trust lands, federal surface ownership, and the leasing activities taking place on state trust lands.
    • The Oil, Gas, and Minerals mapping application provides an in-depth view of extraction activities on state trust lands. This includes lease information, well locations, unit agreement boundaries, participating areas within units, and geological information.
    • The Hunting Information map service provides information about hunting on state trust lands, locating access to trust lands and camping areas, game management units, and hunting restrictions and closures.




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