The NSW Government has a New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages where you can request birth, marriage, and death certificates.

The New South Wales Government site also has a free, online, searchable database for historical NSW births, deaths, and marriages.

Our records of births, deaths and marriages in NSW date from 1856. Early church records from 1788 to 1855 are also available. Our ‘device friendly’ search engine allows unrestricted searching, with no identification required for:

  • Births over 100 years ago

  • Deaths over 30 years ago

  • Marriages over 50 years ago

After viewing search results, you may purchase a certificate and obtain all the information available. By applying online via Family History Search, you get a discounted fee of $32 (normally $45). “

If you need search assistance, here are some explanations of the database.


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