The New York City Marriage Indexes, 1908-1929 are available for free, online, at Internet Archive. These are in 287 separate collections, listed by NYC Borough and Year. You can search for a specific Borough and Year using the “Search this Collection” box in the left column.

These collections were obtained by Reclaim the Records, a non-profit group that identifies important genealogical collections at government archives and libraries which should be in the public domain but have been restricted. Reclaim the Records fights to have these records made public and the New York City Marriage Indexes, 1908-1929 is one example of records they’ve been able to reclaim as free, public content.


What Can I Learn from New York City Marriage Records?


These New York City marriage records include:

  • Full Name of Groom

  • Full Name of Bride

  • NYC Borough where license was issued

  • Year license was issued

  • Marriage License Number (if you need to order a copy of the marriage license)

Birthdates have been redacted to comply with current laws


How Can Marriage Records Help Me Find Other Records?


With New York Marriage Records information you can:

  • Use the Bride or Groom’s age or birth date and marriage place to look for possible birth records for the Bride or Groom in this area.

  • Request a copy of the marriage license to possibly gain more information including the Bride and Groom’s parents’ names.

  • Use the names and marriage place to find the Bride or Groom in a state or federal census with their family.

  • Compile family group sheets with the information you glean from censuses and search for birth, marriage, and death dates for each family member.

  • Use the parents’ names and Bride & Groom’s place of marriage to search for these families in a local city directory

    • learn about the parents’ employment from a city directory search

  • Use the Bride and Groom’s place of marriage and Parents’ names to search for any tax or court records

  • Use the names you find to look for draft registration records or military service records.


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