New York Index to Alien Crewmen Who Were Discharged or Who Deserted, 1917-1957 is a searchable name index for foreign crewmen who were discharged from or who deserted at the Port of New York, New York between May 1917 and November 1957. There are images in this collection.


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What Can I Learn from these Alien Crewmen Lists?

Records may include:

  • Name of Crewmen
  • Age
  • Name of vessel
  • Date of discharge or desertion
  • Volume number for related passenger lists


What Do I Do Next?

With information provided in the discharged/deserting crew list you can:

  • Use the vessel name to search for your ancestor on related passenger lists for that vessel (prior to desertion or discharge) and extract any new information
  • If you can identify your ancestor on other passenger lists, extract their full name and any variants of their name
  • Look for records at the port of origin, including emigration and vital records
  • Look for ship’s manifests & port records
  • Search naturalization records to see if your ancestor became a naturalized US Citizen
  • Search census records to see if your ancestor shows up in any federal or state census records


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