The New York State Military Museum has military records for family history research including over 6,000 photographs, unit history files, broadsides, scrapbooks, letters and maps, a collection of Civil War era newspaper clippings arranged by New York units, and New York National Guard service cards and service records dating from the 1880’s to 1965.




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New York Military online records include:


  • Adjutant General reports, “The New York State Adjutant General Reports are the reports given to the New York State Legislature by the head of the New York National Guard, the Adjutant General, or AG. Most years listed all of the officers in the NYNG and their unit affiliations; many years have a name index.” Years include 1846, 1857-1890, 1891-1917, 1918-1955, 1955-1990, 1995
  • 27th Division, World War Two: Men Who Were Federalized in 1940, “On September 25, 1940, a full year before Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8551 which Ordered Certain Units and Members of the National Guard of the United States Into the Active Military Service of the United States. This included men of the 27th Division, the New York Division. These men reported for duty less than three weeks later when they assembled at their various armories around the state on October 15, 1940. …One collection in the New York State Military Museum is a collection of index cards with the name of every soldier who was called to active duty in the fall of 1940. This collection has 28,969 cards.”
  • 15th/369th Regiment New York National Guard Enlistment Cards 1920-1949
  • New York National Guardsman, “The New York National Guardsman was a magazine published monthly from April, 1924 to August, 1940 when much of the New York National Guard was federalized for duty. It is a good source of photographs and biographical information on higher-ranking officers.”
  • New York State Battle Flags, index and images of flags
  • New York State Military Images, search by keyword, unit, conflict, or scanned image, see key for how to search by conflict
  • New York Heraldry, current and retired emblems, patches, and insignia for New York
  • Veteran Burial Locations, “This collection consists of approximately 15,000 cards organized aphbetically by conflict. The largest group consists of Civil War burial locations. The origination of this collection is a mystery. We cannot figure out when these cards were created or why these men were included but others (the vast majority) were not.”
  • Long and Faithful Service Decoration, “This is New York’s oldest military decoration. It was instituted in 1894 (General Orders No. 10) and was issued shortly thereafter. This award was given to people in the New York National Guard who attended at least 85% (later, 90%) of scheduled training exercises.”
  • New York State Militia Officers Prior to 1858, “This is a collection of index cards. The collection is separated into 85 sections. Each card lists last name, first name, rank, and unit. Each card also refers to a page in a resource called Register “B.”(No amount of research has determined exactly what this Register “B” actually is. If someone knows what and where this resource is please contact us.)”
  • Charts Showing Lineage of New York Units
  • Medal of Honor Recipients Affiliated with New York, “The first formal system for rewarding acts of individual gallantry by the nation’s fighting men was established by General George Washington on August 7, 1782. Designed to recognize “any singularly meritorious action,” the award consisted of a purple cloth heart. Records show that only three persons received the ward: Sergeant Elijah Churchill, Sergeant William Brown, and Sergeant Daniel Bissel Jr. …Almost 3,400 men and one woman have received the award for heroic actions in the nation’s battles since that time.”
  • Digitized Books, including Brooklyn guardsmen : an authentic and authorized register and record of the local land and naval forces of the state of New York. Brooklyn: G.P. Bagnall, 1903. and other works
  • New York State Unit History Project, Their strongest collection is their Civil War collection but they have many resources for wars in which New Yorkers have served their country, including: Revolutionary War, Mexican-American War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, Mexican Border 1916, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Iraq-Afghanistan, and more to follow (updates weekly).
  • New York Armories & Arsenals, links to all New York Armories and Aresenals listed in alphabetical order
  • New York State Military Forts, “The following pages contain an alphabetical listing of all forts, camps, “castles”, fields, bases, etc., that exist(ed) in New York State. The word “fort” is used here in accordance with the early customs when it applied not only to forts of a larger size, but also to blockhouses, stockades, or earthworks that were protected by cannon, and were intended to be regularly garrisoned and maintained. The listing is broken down into five nearly equal sections to facilitate loading. The listings include pictures, sketches or maps when available, plus links to other site(s) with more information if known.”
  • Articles covering War in US History
  • Oral Histories


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