New York, Yates County, Swann Vital Records Collection, 1723-2009 is a free collection at FamilySearch with a searchable name index and browsable images of birth, marriage, and death information (vital records) for early settlers of New York and their descendants.


Frank L. Swann (1894-1987), was the Yates County Historian from 1956 to 1980 and his collection came from newspaper obituaries and marriage announcements, bible records, family registers, marriage certificates, and clergymen marriage records.


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What Can I Learn from Vital Records?


Marriages and deaths may include:

  • Surname and given names for both spouses
  • Titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Rev
  • Age (death records)
  • Date the event occurred
  • Place where event occurred


Births may include:

  • Surname and given names of child
  • Son or Daughter in Title field when the record doesn’t contain given names
  • Birth date
  • Place where birth occurred


How Can Vital Records Help Me Find Other Records?


With information from these records you may be able to:

  • Use the names, dates, and places as the basis for family groups or to build a family pedigree
  • Use the dates along with places or residences to help you locate the family in other records, such as census, church, and land records
  • Use age listed to determine approximate birth dates
  • Use burial information to locate mortuary or funeral records, which could include names and addresses of family members
  • You may need to compare the information of more than one family or person to make this determination
  • You may need to search for both their Indian name and their English name
  • Be aware that, as with any compiled source, transcription errors may occur
  • Compile entries for individuals and families with the same surname
  • Continue to search the records to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives who may have lived in the same locality or nearby. This can help you identify other generations of your family. Repeat this process for each new generation you identify


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