Norway-Heritage is a free, searchable website for Norwegian emigration research with several search options including:

Passenger lists

“This is a free genealogy database. The data is mainly transcribed from passenger lists, but in some cases information about Norwegian emigrants was added from other sources like newspaper announcements and voyage accounts. There are also some entries from the Norwegian Police Emigration Records”

Find a Ship

“In this database you will be able to find ships, not only those which departed directly from Norway, but also other transatlantic ships which carried emigrants. You may search for a ship by entering the first letter of the name. Entering the first letter will return a list of all ships with names staring on that letter. Entering more letters, or the full name, will narrow your search. If you type the name of a ship, the search will take you directly to the page containing information about that ship, if there is only one ship by that name in the database. If you do not narrow your search, or there are several ships by the same name, the search will take you to a list of those names.”

Norway Heritage Forum

An open message board and forum for asking questions and sharing suggestions for Norwegian research.


A gallery with historic documents and photos including ports and harbors, steamship advertisements, crew, and more.

Norway-Heritage has many free articles with helpful research tips and leads for Norwegian research.




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