Ohio, County Naturalization Records, 1800-1977 is a free collection at FamilySearch of a searchable name-index and images of naturalization records from Ohio.


Naturalization is the process of granting citizenship privileges and responsibilities to foreign-born residents. The first naturalization act was passed in 1802. Immigrants to the United States were not required to apply for citizenship. Of those who did apply, many did not complete the requirements for citizenship.

Naturalization to become a U.S. citizen was a two-part process: the Declaration of Intent to Naturalize, or First Papers, and the Naturalization Record (including the Naturalization Petition), or Final Papers. The First Papers were normally filed five years before the Final Papers because of the five-year residency requirement to become a citizen.

No centralized files existed before 1906. In 1906 federal forms replaced the various formats that had been used by the various courts. Copies were sent to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), creating a central file for naturalization papers. The INS is now known as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).


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What information will Ohio Naturalization Records provide?

Naturalization records may include:

  • Full name of petitioner
  • Name of court
  • Date of emigration
  • Place of residence
  • Occupation
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date of declaration
  • Date of marriage
  • Spouse’s full name (usually a woman’s maiden name is given)
  • Spouse’s date and place of birth
  • Names of children and their places of birth
  • Name of judge
  • Names of witnesses


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