The Oklahoma State Archives (or the combined Oklahoma State Archives and Records Management) has records for most state agencies and records covering the history of Oklahoma and its state government.


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Most of the online collections are found at Oklahoma Digital Prairie including:

  • Ada Lois Sipuel Legal Case Files, Leading activist, lawyer, administrator, and educator Ada Lois Sipuel came of age during Jim Crow era in Oklahoma. She challenged the legal fiction of “separate but equal” opening higher education to all students in Oklahoma. The Sipuel case laid the foundation for the Brown v. Board of Education landmark decision in the US Supreme Court.
  • Archives.Ok.Gov, includes a selection of permanent records of state government activities
  • Confederate Pension Index Cards, cards are organized by name, spouse, address, date of marriage, date of death, and the veteran’s military service.
  • Confederate Pension Records, files for pensions for disabled and indigent Confederate soldiers, sailors, and their widows
  • Documents.Ok.Gov, access thousands of state government publications
  • Forms.OK.Gov, Oklahoma state agencies issue a variety of forms for use by Oklahoma citizens and businesses
  • Images of Oklahoma, the social, cultural, ethnic, and historical content within local collections
  • Oklahoma Almanacs, Oklahoma’s official state government blue book has been titled the Oklahoma Almanac since 1993, but it has had a variety of names since its inception in 1909 as the Oklahoma State Manual. Other titles include Oklahoma Red Book (1912), Directory of the State of Oklahoma (1917 to 1959), Directory and Manual of the State of Oklahoma (1961 to 1971), and Directory of Oklahoma (1973 to 1991).
  • Oklahoma Authors, This database highlights the literary heritage of our state with a compilation of contemporary and historical author profiles
  • Oklahoma Collection, The Oklahoma Collection is an online resource of selected reference and primary source material, covering political, governmental, historical, geographical, cultural and biographical topics
  • Oklahoma Postcards, Historic Oklahoma postcards dating from early statehood to the mid-20th century
  • Oklahoma Register, The Oklahoma Register is the official publication of Oklahoma administrative rules, also known as regulations. It is published semi-monthly by the OAR. Today, ODL’s Register and Gazette Collection covers 1962-2003.
  • Over 100 Years of Oklahoma Governors
  • Red River Compact Documents, In 1955, Congress authorized Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana to begin negotiating a compact to resolve and prevent disputes over waters of the Red River Basin that are shared between the four states, and to assure that each state received adequate water from the basin.   In 1978, after 23 years of negotiations, the Compact was signed by the member states and was later approved by Congress.
  • State Archives Finding Aids, This features select Finding Aids to the Oklahoma State Archives’ most popular state agency materials. It includes documents and images from specific collections, such as the opening of the Cherokee Strip or the Oklahoma/Texas Boundary Dispute.
  • State Auditor and Inspector Audits, The collection includes special audits prepared by the Office of State Auditor and Inspector…
  • Tulsa Race Riot, This collection features 1,327 documents and images regarding the investigation into the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. It includes eye-witness testimony, police reports, letters, and telegrams. This collection details one of the darkest episodes in Oklahoma History.

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  • Search Options – Use SoonerSearch to search Oklahoma Government collections; Use WorldCat to search onsite collections of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries
  • Homestead Records – The State Archives (at the Allen Wright Memorial Library, 200 NE 18th) hold the U.S. District Land Office Homestead Registers, 1889-1908, for Oklahoma Territory.  They include a legal description of tract sold, number of acres, fees paid, name of purchaser, date of purchase, residence, receipt numbers, and patent number (final certificate) and date of issue. (Information needed: legal description—section, township and range—or county location). Plats and field notes are also available online through the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.
  • Land Records –  The State Archives contain various types of surveyors’ land records including corner remonumentation recordssurveyors’ field notes and plats, and aerial photographs. Land ownership is a county record. See the County Clerk’s office for more information. The original land patents can be obtained from the Bureau of Land Management.
  • Governors’ Records – The State Archives contain official papers of the Governor of Oklahoma from Charles N. Haskell (1907-1911) to Brad Henry (2003-2011 ).  We also house some records from the territorial governors.  For more information see Papers of Oklahoma’s Governors.
  • State Supreme Court Records – The State Archives (at the Allen Wright Memorial Library) contain records from the Territorial Supreme Court, United States Supreme Court of Appeals for Indian Territory, State Supreme Court Civil and Criminal, and State Court of Criminal Appeals.  (Information needed:  case number from the Supreme Court).
  • Voting & Election Records – Located at the State Archives are State Election Board records, including election returns, minutes, correspondence, candidate filings, poll books, legislative and congressional district maps, expense affidavits, and contested election files.
  • State Constitutional Records – The State Archives house the records of the Oklahoma state constitutional convention, including biographical material, proceedings and debates, and committee reports.


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