OldNews USA App is a genealogy app for Android devices that allows you to easily search online digital newspapers.

“OldNews USA makes getting started with newspaper research quick and easy.  You first define a goal that identifies what you want to find, including a date range and a geographic location.  OldNews uses the goal data to instantly suggest a list of newspaper titles that were published closest to your goal’s location, and with issues within the date range of your goal.  You don’t need to be an expert in geography to find the local newspapers that are the most likely to contain stories about your family.”

The OldNews USA app allows you to “take your research with you wherever you go, without your laptop.  The app provides full-featured search capability and automatically saves each search, letting you easily select and modify a previous search as you narrow in on your research goal.  OldNews also displays a text preview of search results, which means you may find what you are looking for before you download a page.  Finally, you can review all keyword matches on a page by simply tapping the page.  OldNews will automatically zoom in to display a highlighted term.  You can continue reviewing all other matches by tapping, and OldNews will let you know when you have reviewed all matches.”

“Genealogists and historians will love the advanced research features in OldNews USA that will improve the quality of your research while letting you spend more time making discoveries and less time documenting your research.  You can automatically create a research log that tracks everything you researched, helping you to prevent repeating the same searches multiple times.  Also, every time you save an newspaper page or clipping, the app will automatically generate a source citation for the article, both as a separate text file and embedded within the image of a clipping.”


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