All records for Akershus at DigitalArkivet (Digital Archives of Norway) are free. Online Akershus Genealogy Records can be searched by person, property, or record type.


Search by a person here

Search by property/residential here

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For property/residential searches AND specific record type searches, you’ll want to refine your search by Geography, then Eastern Norway, then Akershus.



Other options at the Digital Archives:

These are the cities in Akershus the Digital Archives classifies records for:

  • Aker

  • Ås

  • Asker

  • Aurskog

  • Blaker

  • Bærum

  • Drøbak

  • Eidsvoll

  • Enebakk

  • Feiring

  • Fet

  • Frogn

  • Gjerdrum

  • Hurdal

  • Kråkstad

  • Lillestrøm

  • Lørenskog

  • Nannestad

  • Nes

  • Nesodden

  • Nittedal

  • Nordre Høland

  • Oppegård

  • Rælingen

  • Setskog

  • Skedsmo

  • Ski

  • Son

  • Søndre Høland

  • Sørum

  • Ullensaker

  • Vestby


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