All records for Hedmark at DigitalArkivet (Digital Archives of Norway) are free. Online Hedmark Genealogy Records can be searched by person, property, or record type.

Search by a person here

Search by property/residential here

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For property/residential searches AND specific record type searches, you’ll want to refine your search by Geography, then Eastern Norway, then Hedmark.

When searching by record type (Category/Kategori), you can search ALL record types by refining the Geography to Hedmark, select Choose All/Velg alle, and then select Search.

 Free Hedmark Online Genealogy records at DigitalArkivet OnGenealogy listings

Other options at the Digital Archives:

These are the cities in Hedmark the Digital Archives classifies records for:

  • Alvdal

  • Åmot

  • Åsnes

  • Brandval

  • Eidskog

  • Elverum

  • Engerdal

  • Folldal

  • Furnes

  • Grue

  • Hamar

  • Hof

  • Kongsvinger

  • Kvikne

  • Løten

  • Nes

  • Nord-Odal

  • Os

  • Øvre Rendal

  • Ringsaker

  • Romedal

  • Sollia

  • Stange

  • Stor-Elvdal

  • Sør-Odal

  • Tolga

  • Trysil

  • Tynset

  • Vang

  • Vinger

  • Våler

  • Ytre Rendal



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