All records for Østfold at DigitalArkivet (Digital Archives of Norway) are free. Online Østfold Genealogy Records can be searched by person, property, or record type.

Search by a person here

Search by property/residential here

Search by record type here

For property/residential searches AND specific record type searches, you’ll want to refine your search by Geography, then Eastern Norway, then Østfold.

When searching by record type (Category/Kategori), you can search ALL record types by refining the Geography to Østfold, select Choose All (Velg alle) and then select Search.

Free Ostfold Norway Online Genealogy Records at DigitalArkivet OnGenealogy resource listings

Possible record types include:

  • Online Østfold Census records (select the first Census/Folketellinger category and choose all/Velg alle or a specific census below)

  • Online Østfold Census records (select the second Census/Manntall category and choose all/Velg alle or a specific census below)

    • Andre manntall

  • Online Østfold Church Books/Online Østfold Parish Registers

  • Online Østfold Emigration records

  • Online Østfold Replacement record

  • Online Østfold Seamen rolls and Military rolls

  • Online Østfold School Protocols

  • Online Østfold Health Material

  • Online Østfold Poverty matters

  • Online Østfold Accounts and Tax lists

  • Online Østfold Probate records

  • Online Matricles and Earthbooks (Østfold Landed Property Tax records)

  • Online Østfold Insurance records

  • Online Right and Punishment (Østfold Legal proceedings and sanctions)

  • Online Auction Protocols

  • Online Geographic archive

  • Online Transport and Communications Material

  • Online Various Sources

Other options at the Digital Archives:

These are the cities in Østfold the Digital Archives classifies records for:

  • Aremark

  • Askim

  • Berg

  • Borge

  • Degernes

  • Eidsberg

  • Fredrikstad

  • Glemmen

  • Halden

  • Hobøl

  • Hvaler

  • Idd

  • Kråkerøy

  • Moss

  • Mysen

  • Onsøy

  • Øymark

  • Rakkestad

  • Rolvsøy

  • Rygge

  • Rødenes

  • Rømskog

  • Råde

  • Sarpsborg

  • Skiptvet

  • Skjeberg

  • Spydeberg

  • Torsnes

  • Trøgstad

  • Tune

  • Varteig

  • Våler

  • Øymark


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