The State Library of South Australia has a large, digitized collection of free City Directories and Almanacs for the years 1864 through 1970.

“Directories first published more than 70 years ago are out of copyright. …Directories first published less than 70 years ago are in copyright but the publisher, Sands & McDougall Pty Ltd, Melbourne, is no longer registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). …The directories have been digitised in accordance with the State Library of South Australia’s Copyright Risk Management Framework. …Researchers do not need a copyright holder’s permission to reproduce particular facts from a compilation like a directory, such as names and addresses. (Australian Copyright Council Information Sheet G060v11, February 2012)”

“Note only the ‘head of household’ is recorded in each instance.  Single women and widows were not named if they were living with other (male) relatives. Similarly boarders, guests, servants and other adult dependants were not included. More detailed records of home ownership and occupation are contained in local government assessment (rate) records available through State Records or individual councils.”



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