Our Stories has developed a brand-new social media technology that makes it easy for anyone to graphically organize their pictures and stories with formatted text, audio, video, and voice recordings. Our Stories is the next generation of preserving memories. Most people upload pictures and comments to social media, but social media platforms are, at best, fragmented stories of scattered pictures and shallow comments sprinkled throughout the Internet.


Here are some example Storyboards which represent different ways to build a personal family site. Our Stories Storyboards are intended to help people preserve memories of family, friends, and life events. 


This is a subscription service and for a yearly fee, users can create a family history website with prebuilt graphic organizing tools.  The regular price for a yearly subscription is $120/year, but is currently available for a 50% discount of only $5 per month, billed annually for $60. You can also earn a free Storyboard membership with their referral program.


Our Stories affiliate program allows customers to earn 20-50% on each referred customer as well as other discounts explained in their Affiliate Program.


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