Pass It Down is a storytelling company that helps organizations and communities around the world collect, preserve, and showcase their history and culture.

Their award-winning platform can help any organization “create an amazing digital museum in minutes that will make an incredible impact on their employees, customers, and culture.”

Companies and organizations can showcase much more of their collection by including digital media in their exhibits, where 1000’s of stories and images can be displayed just by touching the screen and changing the collection.

For some examples of how Pass It Down has helped organizations tell their stories and exhibit their collections, visit:

Their program updates and improves the user experience when searching for online collections and stories and when visiting a museum or exhibit in person. Images and Stories are displayed on the front-end, community members can record and submit their memories to an organization’s digital archive, subject to the organization’s review and approval.

The company focus is helping businesses and organizations create and display multimedia, interactive archives but they may offer services for individuals in the future.

“We at Pass It Down believe that every person has a story to tell and a legacy worth preserving. We believe the greatest loss is a story that’s not told. Stories are our lifeline to previous and future generations. Don’t let the memories – the stories – pass you by. Pass them down.”


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