Penn State University has many libraries including some with online resources. Penn State University Libraries Digital Collections include valuable resources for genealogy and family history. Below is a list resources from ULS Digital Collections and links to each Penn State library under the Libraries heading.



Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Birth, Marriage, & Death Records











Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Residence Records






Land and Property









Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Daily Life Records





Business, Commerce, Employment, Occupations


Church Records & Church History






Family Papers






University Park Libraries


Campus Libraries


Magazines & Periodicals




Newspaper Clippings




Science & Nature


Schools, Alumni, Yearbooks




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  • A Few Good Women – In 1969, President Richard Nixon created the Task Force on Women’s Rights and Responsibilities that marked the beginning of a successful initiative to recruit and train women for upper-level governmental positions.Preserving the memories and reflections of these women on their careers in government service, along with those of the men who were involved in the effort, make a significant contribution to the documentation of the history of women in modern American political life.
  • Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection – The Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection (AMC), housed in Penn State Harrisburg Library’s Archives and Special Collections, consists of over 150 advertising trade cards that showcase the 19th- and 20th-century woman as an entrepreneur.
  • Comic Valentines from the Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection – This digital collection consists of 164 comic valentine sheets (ca. 1870-1920), 10 sentimental valentines from World War II (ca. 1939-1945), and 7 suffrage valentines (ca. 1915-1920) from the Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection, located in Archives and Special Collections at the Penn State Harrisburg Library. The majority of the collection includes comic valentines, also known as vinegar valentines, which lampoon women and their physical attributes, habits, styles of dress and behaviors.  A smaller portion of the collection consists of romantic or sentimental valentines that feature women in the United States Armed Forces and themes related to American woman suffrage.
  • Alma Mahler
  • Judy Chicago Art Education Collection, 1970-2014
  • The Emilie Davis Diaries
  • Sarah Chamberlin Eccleston Diary and Journal, 1864-1916 – The collection contains two volumes, a diary and a journal. Chamberlin was a native of Union County, Pennsylvana. In her 1864 diary she records her leaving Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, and her experience as a nurse at Hospital No. 8 during the American Civil War. She kept a journal sporadically from 1 January 1865 until 7 February 1875. Following the war she established kindergartens in Pennsylvania and Minnesota at a time when such early childhood education was rare in the United States. She later traveled to Argentina to train kindergarten teachers.
  • Ogontz Mosaic – The Ogontz Mosaic was the publication of the prominent elite and prestigious school known as The Ogontz School for Young Ladies. Usually published six times per year from 1884-1950, with occasional special issues, the Mosaic included articles about the school, its students, alumnae, and faculty. Issues included articles by the principals, including Abby Sutherland, the principal and owner of the school for many years.








Military records Wars Veterans #OnGenealogy

Military Records


Civil War


World War I


World War II


Military History




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