Welcome to the Picture the Past Genealogy website of Misti Reif. I provide family history genealogy research services in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes and requests. Based in San Francisco, genealogy research services can be done in local archives for people not based in the Bay Area regarding documents held locally. This also relates to sites, home or building research and photography requests. Requests may also be research for particular ancestral questions or the broader research like a four, five or six generational family tree chart.


I also provide a number of photography related services for genealogy which you can find here, Photography Services. I am also a professional photographer of 20+ years and you can see that work at my Misti Layne website. Being able to combine my interests of genealogy and photography is just such a double blessing. Both started as hobbies, but here I am today able to do both. They are actually quite complimentary to each other and I love being able to combine and provide greater service options.


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