The Pittsfield Historical Society collects, preserves, and interprets materials related to Pittsfield, New Hampshire’s history.


The Pittsfield Historical Society was founded in 1971 and is presently located at 13 Elm Street, Pittsfield, NH. We are open to the public every Tuesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for visitors to view our collections or ask questions.  Our telephone number is 603-435-8004, and you may leave a message on our answering machine at any time. We will return your call when our staff is present, on Tuesday morning. Please become a member or volunteer to help preserve Pittsfield’s history.



The Historical Society is always looking for new members. There are eight levels of membership that can accommodate most budgets ($5 – $500). Please check the Membership Application for details.

The mission of the Historical Society is to preserve the heritage of Pittsfield. There are many ways to help. Please contact us for details.

The Historical Society has a variety of items for sale which include memorabilia, books, monographs, and reports. Please purchase our Annual Calendar which features a different theme each year with historical pictures and descriptions. Items are available at Jitters, Suncook Sun, Carpenter Library and Town Hall as well as at the Society.

Books and Monographs Published by the Society:

See the listing under Publications.

Books and Monographs:

Cogswell, Reverend Elliott C., History of Nottingham, Deerfield and Northwood (Manchester: John B. Clarke, 1897), 786 pages, good condition. Price $50.00

Hurd, D. Hamilton (ed.), History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties (Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis & Co., 1885), 915 pages, loose cover. Price $25.00

Merrimack and Sullivan Counties (Boston: Biographical Review Publishing Co., 897), 595 pages, needs rebinding. Price $25.00

Old Home Day Association, Annals of Old Home Week, August 17-21, 1901 (Manchester: John B. Clarke Co., 1901), containing speeches delivered by dignitaries of the day, poems written for the event, the various activities held, letters from alumni, and resolutions adopted. Also included are 35 pictures of the community and its leading men and women, 120 pages. Price $15.00

Old Home Day Association, Pittsfield, New Hampshire 150th Year Celebration Old Home Week 1921 (Penacook: W. B. Ranney Co., 1921), containing information about the events, speeches, and a brief history of Pittsfield, with 53 pictures with views of Pittsfield, its buildings and people, 55 pages. Price $15.00

Pillsbury, Hobart, New Hampshire: A History (New York: The Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., 1927), set of 5 volumes, in good condition. Price $100.00

Report of the New Hampshire Soldiers Home, 1913-1914 (Penacook: W. B. Ranney Co.,1914), good condition. Price $5.00

Robinson, Henry L., Pittsfield, N. H. in the Great Rebellion (1893), containing 147 biographies of Pittsfield soldiers who fought in the Civil War, 223 pages. Price 35.00

Scott, Sir Walter, Waverly Novels (Boston: DeWolfe, Fiske & Co., early 1800s), good condition, 17 vols. Price $100

Stearns, Ezra C. (ed.), Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire (New York: The Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1908), set of 4 volumes, needs rebinding. Price $75.00

Successful New Hampshire Men (Manchester: John B. Clarke, 1882), fair condition. Price $10.00

True, Porter C., Life on Tilton Hill, Pittsfield, N. H., containing long forgotten events in the life of people during the early development of the Tilton Hill region of Pittsfield. 75 pages. A reprint. Price $5.00

Young, E. Harold, History of Pittsfield, New Hampshire (Concord: New Hampshire Bindery, 1953), 575 pages containing a complete history of Pittsfield to 1950. Price $50.00

Reports, Articles and Pamphlets:

Annual Town Reports: prior to 1900. Price $10.00

Annual Town Reports: 1900 to present. Price $5.00

Highlights of Pittsfield at the Turn of the Century (1900-1930); An Oral History, A collection of interviews conducted by students of Pittsfield High School about 1982. The five people interviewed for insights into Pittsfield’s history during their lifetimes were 88 year old Pearl Osgood, 85 year old Tony Drolet, 84 year old Bessie Adams, 101 year old William Clark, and 86 year old Ruth Burbank. Price $3.00

Magazine: The Granite State Monthly (September 1907) containing a 37-page article entitled, “Pittsfield, Queen of the Suncook Valley,” with 65 early pictures of the town, its houses and people. Price $10.00

Magazine: The Granite State Monthly (November 1919) containing a 20-page article entitled “Old Home Week in Pittsfield,” with eight pictures of early Pittsfield and its leaders. Price $10.00

Pittsfield’s Historic Trail: a map and guide to the 15 sites on Pittsfield’s Historic Walking Trail. Includes facts about Pittsfield, Pittsfield’s notables and Frank Lyman Park. Price Free


Dedication of the War Memorial, Pittsfield, N. H., May 30, 1975. Price $1.00

Dedication of the General Harrison R. Thyng Memorial, Pittsfield, N. H., July 17, 2004. Price $1.00

Dedication of the Jonathan “Jocky” Fogg State Marker, Pittsfield, N. H. May 28, 2006 Price $1.00

Dedication of the Wings of the Veteran’s Memorial, Pittsfield, New Hampshire, May 28, 2006. Price $1.00


Bookmarks: issued at the Grand Opening of Frank Lyman Park and the Historic Trail. Price $1.00

Calendars: 2003 (early views of Pittsfield), 2004 (the Depot and Depot Square), 2005 (the railroad), 2006 (significant fires), 2007 (businesses), 2008 (early pictures), 2009 (the Pittsfield Fair), 2010 (Main Street), 2011 (schools), 2012 (early downtown homes), 2013 (old garages and gasoline stations), 2014 (South Pittsfield), 2015 (Sports), 2016 (industries), and 2017 (organizations). Price $10.00

Christmas Tree Ornaments: 24k gold flashed brass ornaments featuring (1) the Railroad Depot and Old #1 Steam Engine, (2) the Old Meetinghouse, (3) the Barnstead Bridge, and (4) Pittsfield High School. They are placed in a nice gift box describing each ornament. Price $10.00 each or mix or match six ornaments for $50.00

Jigsaw puzzle: Picture of Lyman Park. 300 pieces. Price $20.00

Jigsaw puzzle: Picture of balloons aloft in Pittsfield. 500 pieces. Price $25.00

Historical Society T-Shirts: with picture of the Old Meetinghouse on the front. Price $10.00

Note Cards: with pen and ink drawings. Box of eight includes two each of (1) the Brick School House, (2) Carpenter Memorial Library, (3) Old Railroad Engine #1, and (4) Depot Square facing east. Price $5.00


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