Placenames Database of Ireland was created by Fiontar “in collaboration with The Placenames Branch (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht). This is a comprehensive management system for data, archival records and placenames research conducted by the State. The public website is primarily aimed at journalists and translators, students and teachers, historians and researchers in genealogy. It is a public resource for Irish people at home and abroad, and for all those who appreciate the rich heritage of Irish placenames.”

This site allows for free searches of placeanames in Irish or English.

“Irish baronies which were formed at the time of the Norman conquest were usually named either after Irish territories, … or from places which had been of importance in pre-Norman times… Irish baronies came into existence at different periods … The division of Ireland into counties and baronies was a process which continued down to the reign of James I… The original baronies in Ireland were the domains of the Norman barons; in the final stage of development they were divisions of counties created merely for greater convenience of administration. The word barony is of feudal origin, and was applied to a tenure of a baron, that is, of one who held his land by military service, either directly from the king, or from a superior feudal lord who exercised royal privileges… The origin of the Irish barony (a division of land corresponding to the English hundred) is to be found in the grants of lands which were made to the barons of Leinster and the barons of Meath.”
– Liam Price, ‘Ráith Oinn’, Éigse VII, lch. 186-7



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