Plymouth Public Library has Plymouth Pilot Obituaries from 1922 through 1983 available online as well as Plymouth High School Yearbooks and Lincoln High School Yearbooks at Indiana Memory. They also have onsite genealogy collections.


Plymouth Newspaper’s Obituary Index

Click the links below to view indexed obituaries from the Plymouth Pilot Daily Newspaper from July 27, 1922 through May 19, 1983. There is no index to the newspapers before July, 1922 or after May, 1983.

Due to poor film quality, most of the obits for October, November, and December of 1940 are illegible. The legible obits are included in this index.

Email copies of obituaries are not available, but you may contact the Marshall County Historical Society & Museum for those requests.

You will need a PDF viewer to read these files.


Yearbooks – Plymouth High School Yearbooks, at IM

Yearbooks – Lincoln High School Yearbooks, at IM


Also visit Indiana Memory for some early Plymouth Newspapers.


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