Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast | PGSCTNE encourages research of Polish-American families and gathers parish and community histories, records Polish cemetery inscriptions, and preserves Polish-American family history records in the United States.


PGSCTNE is making some databases available online to the public; some databases require a small fee but are free to members.



Membership in PGSCTNE is $15 for one year or $27 for two years and includes free access to online databases, a newsletter, an index to their publications, webinars, and more.




Online Collections – some require a small fee

Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Birth, Marriage, & Death Records



Birth Records



Marriage Records

  • Polish American Marriage Records Database, 1885-1951 – Our database of Polish American Marriage Records contains the name of couples of Polish origin who were married in select locations in the Northeast United States. It includes the States of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont. It includes the years 1885-1951.
  • Detroit Area Vital Records Indexes – Most records list the date the announcement of the issue of the marriage license appeared and is usually not the date of marriage – but provides a close approximation of when the marriage took place.



Death Records





Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Residence Records



  • Polish Immigration Society of London Records – Records of immigrants from Eastern Europe passing through London who had contact with the Polskie Towarzystwo Emigracyjne (Polish Emigration Society) are included in this database.
  • Sulkowski Travel Agency Records, Newark, New Jersey – Most of the senders were of Polish and Ukrainian origin and resided in or near Newark, New Jersey. A small number of the receipts do not contain the name of the recipient. Some are in fragile condition and cannot be photocopied.






Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Daily Life Records



  • History – European Origins of New Britain’s Immigrants
    • History of New Britain
    • History of Dąbrowa
    • History of Myszyniec
    • History of Wola Raniżowska


Names & Surnames

  • Anniversary Book Names – Polish parishes and organizations frequently issued commemorative booklets to mark anniversaries of their establishment or to chronicle an important event in development of the organization.  In most cases, these booklets were issued on the 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th anniversaries of the church’s or club’s founding. Our database contains the names of persons mentioned in these booklets.  Multiple page numbers in the same publication indicates that the person’s name was repeated on different pages.
  • Changed Surnames List – We have created a database of changed surnames submitted by our members or taken from obituaries and gravestones. If you have having difficulty finding information on your Polish ancestor, maybe you have been searching for the “wrong” name.
  • Surnames Being Researched by PGSCTNE Members – In response to your requests, we are providing this index so members ascertain who in our society is searching which surnames. The surname appears with a geographical location (if provided) and an email or postal address which you can use to make contact with the person who submitted the names.





Modern Helps

  • Beginners Guide to Polish Genealogy
  • Webinars
    • Finding Polish Graves Online
    • How to Obtain Vital Records from the Civil Registration Office – USC
    • Overview of The Arolsen Archives
    • Cadastral Maps and Their Ancillary Records
    • Writing Your Family History – Step by Step
  • Researchers





Onsite Collections

PGSCTNE has an Archive and Resource Center with some materials that are available by appointment only.

Początki (Beginnings)
An introduction to Polish genealogy and
 designed for those just starting out on the paper trail.  To view this document, please click here.

Pathways and Passages
Our own newsletter is published twice a year, Winter and Summer, for current members.  You can read a sample of articles wrriten for our newsletter or  view an index to our publication’s past issues or purchase some of these issues by using our Request Form.  

Church Directories
These directories list the addresses and provide a brief history of Roman Catholic parishes in Poland, many with photos.  We also have several for Polish territory now in Lithuania and Belarus plus a list of Russian Orthodox and Lutheran parishes in present-day Poland.  Please click here for more information and a listing of our Church Directories.

Gazetteers / Geographical Dictionaries 
We have the Slownik Geograficzny (Geographical Dictionary) of Poland dating from the end of the 19th century, maps showing parish locations from the 1700s as well as current maps, the 1934, 1967 and 1982 gazetteers for Poland, tourist guidebooks for certain areas and other miscellanea of a geopolitical nature.

Vital Records Index From Polish Town Halls
We have access to a list of vital statistics registers of birth, marriage and death which are extant and for what years from the critical period 1880-1945.  There is a small fee for obtaining this information.  For the availability of filmed vital records prior to 1880, please visit a Family History Center branch library at a local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) near you or consult the LDS website at www.familysearch.org.  

Archival Guides
We have archival guides for most of Poland’s archives, some providing detailed annotations for certain record groups.  To view our collection, please click here.

Microfiche Index to Russian Consulate Records
If your ancestor was from the Russian partition of Poland, and may have had business with the Russian consultate, you may find his or her name in this compilation.  ** Please contact the society to view these records.

Nobility Sources
We have volumes which give brief descriptions of noble families including those by Boniecki and Nieciecki.  Our collection contains numerous Polish Parish Anniversary Books giving detailed accounts of various Polish Roman Catholic and National Catholic parishes, principally from the northeastern states.  

Need Documents Translated?
We maintain a list of professional translators who work in Polish, Russian and Latin, many with advanced degrees in the appropriate languages.

Need a Speaker for a Meeting or Workshop?
Contact us to discuss your needs.  We can provide speakers or instructors for seminars or genealogy mini-courses.

Surname Sources
In our collection is the Slownik Nazwisk, a 1990 listing of all surnames in use currently in Poland, providing the total number of bearers and their distribution by province.  This series can be used in conjunction with our collection of Polish Telephone Books to recover the exact names and addresses of persons bearing your surname.  We also have the CD-ROM telephone directory for the United States.  See our database of changed surnames as well.  ** Please contact the society to view these sources.

We have the microfilmed index for Connecticut naturalizations up to 1938.  Our staff, nearly all bilingual, can assist you by suggesting alternative spellings for the names you are seeking, if you are having a problem.   ** Please contact the society to view this index.
[su_heading size=”24″]Membership [/su_heading]
Each member receives two issues annually of our newsletter Pathways and Passages, providing a wealth of information for those researching Polish ancestral lines, with emphasis on the Northeast. Newsletters issued usually in Winter and Summer. Take a look at some of our sample articles that have appeared in previous issues. Or, view an index to our publication to see the types of articles we have featured. You can also purchase back issues through our order form.

Projects to compile heretofore unpublished primary source data have also been initiated, such as a Polish-American immigrant origins file, a cemetery inscription project, and a current vital statistics index of Polish-Americans in the area. All such materials are housed in our Archive and Resource Center and are gradually being placed online.

Our publications tap the largely unexplored and undocumented field of Polish-American genealogy and assist you, the Polish-American family history researcher. We have already published cemetery inscriptions from Poland and the United States, a Russian-language translation manual for genealogists and guides to parishes in Poland.

Courses & Lectures
Courses and lectures on Polish genealogy can be organized for your local adult education center, your church, or other organization. Contact the Society for further details.

Annual Dues Period – January 1 to December 31 

1 year – $15
2 years – $27

Send us printed matter of Polish historical, genealogical, or biographical interest that may appear in your local press. Jubilee / Anniversary Books of Polish parishes are particularly welcome!

If you are ready to join our growing organization, click here to go to our Membership Application form. Or, if you have an Acrobat Reader, click here to download the Membership Application form


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