Portugal, Aveiro, Passport Registers, 1882-1965 is a free collection at FamilySearch with browsable images of passport registers and passport applications in Aveiro, Portugal.

These images contain records written in Portuguese. Here are some language and handwriting helps FamilySearch offers:


You’ll need to be logged in with a free FamilySearch account to search these records. It’s easy to register for a free account at FamilySearch.


What Can I Learn from these Passport Records?

These Portugal passport records may include:

  • Names to whom passport(s) were issued
  • Principal person’s birth date and place of birth
  • Civil status and residence
  • Physical description
  • Names of children, their age and gender
  • Name of spouse, their birth date and place of birth
  • Physical description of spouse
  • List of countries in which passport is valid
  • The expiration date of passport
  • Date passport was issued”


What Can I Do with information from Passport Records?

If you find someone in these passport records you can:

  • Search the collection for every family member
  • Record all information for each member of the family
  • Visit the FamilySearch Wiki Portugal Research Strategies for other collections you can search with the information you received from this collection


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