The Portuguese Passenger Ship Master List is a site with extracted passenger lists from many ports. It’s run by genealogist Doug da Rocha Holmes.


This site lists Portuguese ships listed in the Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals which covers the years 1890-1930 for the port of New York, and 1904-1926 for the ports of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore


Passenger Lists

Boston Portuguese Passenger Lists

Hawaii Portuguese Passenger Lists

New Bedford Portuguese Passenger Lists

New York Portuguese Passenger Lists

Providence Portuguese Passenger Lists


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Brasil Portuguese Passenger Lists

New Orleans Portuguese Passenger Lists

San Francisco Portuguese Passenger Lists



“Originally, I typed up a list of ships sailing into the ports of Boston, Massachusetts, and to New Bedford, Massachusetts. These were extracted from the U.S. National Archives microfilm series: M265 (passenger index for the years 1848-1891). The LDS (Mormon Church) has this same series with a different numbering system. You can order these films directly from the National Archives, Heritage Quest (formerly known as AGLL, American Genealogical Lending Library), or the LDS.

Since first starting, many have added to the list of ships. Some sent in a database or spreadsheet of certain periods. So the list continues to grow.

Susan Vargas Murphy  had the good idea of placing the film number next to each ship so that people can choose more easily any film to extract. If anyone wants to look up the film numbers for any of these ships and give them to me, I would be grateful. You can use either the LDS numbering system or the National Archives numbers. I have already completed the section from 1900 to 1908 for New York. Eventually, I will want all entries like those.

Sandy Sakai of Hawaii has given me the RAID data recovery on the ships to Hawaii, so a new section has been created for that.

I encourage everyone to pick one of these ships, or other ships not yet on this list, and extract the data from it and upload the completed list to my address:


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