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ProStamm ( is a subscription, cloud-based program to document your family, focusing on photographs, tagging, indexing, family trees, and presentations.

ProStamm is a cloud-based program that organizes, manages, and presents information. It consists of three parts.

  • ProStamm Internet Genealogy
  • Pro Inventory HOME
  • Pro Inventory BUSINESS

ProStamm Internet Genealogy is the only private genealogy program that focuses on individuals and where family members can access information while keeping the record owner in total control.

Pro Inventory HOME documents personal property within your home.

Pro Inventory BUSINESS documents your business inventory.

Since these programs are in the cloud, you’ll always have immediate access to prove property ownership in the event of a disaster or crime.

We focus on profile data, images, taggingindexing, family trees, and great printable reports. Another attractive feature is voice record stories on all photographs.

Because everything is stored on the internet, the user can access and update family information from anywhere in the world – from any computer that has internet access.

Anyone who has ever crashed or lost everything in a natural disaster knows the importance of ProStamm.


[su_heading size=”24″]Pricing[/su_heading]

ProStamm offers two types of PRO user subscriptions.

  • Single-User
  • Multi-User


This user is the person in the family that has chosen to be the steward of family information.

Most everyone in the family knows of this person and thus, hopefully, will submit photographs and documents to help grow the family record.




When someone signs up as a Multi-User, they pay the same price as a Single-User for the first subscription. The cost of every other subscription is reduced to $15, which is a significant reduction.

In other words, rather than pay the full Single-User amount for each client, the Multi- User will only pay $15 for each additional client. That’s a substantial savings per client.

The total monthly cost would be a significant reduction from 10 full Single-User subscriptions.

In addition, each client can elect to become a Family Circle Member to see and contribute to the development of their family tree.

1st Family Record
Addition Family Records


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