Puzzilla is a genealogy tool that allows genealogy researchers to look at a family tree from a different vantage point and try to find gaps, duplicates, and errors in family trees. Puzzilla works with the free family trees at FamilySearch.org. Here’s a video of Puzzilla in action.

“The Puzzilla Descendants Viewer is a combination of free basic services plus subscription premium services that help researchers see descendants in FamilyTree using compact symbols that reveal patterns of incomplete research and other work in collateral-lines. Names and details appear as you move the pointer over the symbols. Premium Services, available by subscription, provide hints, sources, possible duplicates, incomplete ordinances, search and other functions to help evaluate the quality of the research in the tree and add evidence to make it stronger. …The Puzzilla name refers to finding and assembling pieces of a puzzle to complete the whole picture, the essence of the genealogical research process.”



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