QINGTIME is a website with a free private social network and mobile app developed for the Asian population and market. It integrates family trees with genealogical pedigrees and genetic pedigrees into one application.


QINGTIME is intended to serve Asians all around the world. In addition to the software R&D center, the company also has a spectrum study. The center (located in the Changzhou Genealogy Museum) and the Gene Research Center (located in the Life Science Academy of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou) have research and management teams from well-known institutions such as China University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University. The company is the strategic partner of FamilySearch.org, the world’s largest genealogy public welfare organization. It will bring back the genealogy of overseas countries and bring them back to China. It is becoming the world’s top Chinese ancestral source and cultural big data research center.


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