The Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland plans to index all of the names that appear in the memorial books at the registry of deeds.


There are currently over 411,670 index records from 43,634 memorials of deeds.  Search the Registry of Deeds Index here.


“The Registry of Deeds is located in Henrietta Street, Dublin, Ireland and is a repository of records of wills, land transactions in Ireland and other deeds from 1709. While the original purpose of the Registry of Deeds was to enforce rules limiting the land transactions of Catholics, even before the removal of these rules in 1782 many Catholics and representatives of Catholic families appear in the memorials. Many memorials involved people of modest means who were merchants and traders who registered deeds to provide some form of security of tenure. Moreover, Catholic occupiers are sometimes mentioned.


“The Registry of Deeds is a rich source of genealogical information. Marriage and other settlements are particularly informative about family relationships.”


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