ResearchTies is an online genealogy website dedicated to family history and genealogy research logs. It was created by genealogists for genealogists and has a yearly fee of $30.

ResearchTies allows users to:

  • import a gedcom or partial gedcom
  • form research objectives for individuals, families, or surnames
  • record search results
  • record institutions and objectives at these sites for when you visit
  • store hyperlinks to sources and sites
  • create a pdf research log
  • search your log for “to do” lists
  • locate documents easily
  • share records with family
  • record nil searches
  • automatically create great source citations
  • upload citations and sources to online family trees
  • access your research logs from anywhere you have internet access

“When family historians enter their log information into ResearchTies, they then have a powerful search engine to sort and sift their work on multiple variables. Users can quickly locate all documents for an individual, generate a “to do” list for their next research session, determine which record groups have been searched for a surname in various jurisdictions, and much more. Most importantly, when digital images and online links are used, researchers can instantly locate and open documents for analysis and correlation of the data. This process eliminates significant duplication of effort. Not only are researchers more efficient with their time, but the quality of their work improves with the ability to easily study and compare research results.”

ResearchTies has an online learning center with slideshows where you can learn about the product including:

  • adding sources and repositories
  • adding objectives
  • adding searches
  • adding results
  • managing data
  • add a research log to your FamilySearch family tree
  • using their “Lookup” feature
  • using their “Share Source” feature, and more

Visit here for a blog/vlog about ResearchTies.



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