Revgenea Software LLC is a genealogy software company founded by Bill Nelson to develop genealogy apps for mobile devices and improve genealogy research. “Revgenea Software LLC is out to revolutionize the field of genealogy research software.  We are passionate about genealogy and historical research, and believe that purpose-built apps can leverage power of today’s mobile devices to make your research faster and easier, with higher quality.”

“I am a professional software developer and avid genealogist, with over 20 years of genealogical research experience.  I founded Revgenea to build apps that I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere – apps that make it easy to make new discoveries while automating best research practices.  I hope you will try our apps and join me in raising the bar for genealogy and history research software.”

Revgenea Software has released OldNews USA, an Android App for searching online digital newspapers on a mobile device.



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