RHC Groninger Archieven (Regionaal Historisch Centrum Groninger Archieven or English: Regional Historical Center Groninger Archives) is a merger of the National Archives and the Municipal Groningen Groningen.

As a Regional Historical Center, RHC Groninger Archieven is part of the Consortium which sets policies for archives in Netherlands.

RHC Groninger collects records for “the old city and county administrations and state institutions and water authorities in the province, as well as archives of families, churches, associations and companies. … In addition… books, magazines, newspapers, maps, prints, postcards, posters, photographs, negatives, films, videos and sound recordings.”

They have a helpful article on family history and genealogy research in Groningen.

Downloadable PDF research guide for family history in Groningen.

RHC Groninger Archieven genealogy records, including births, deaths, marriages, church registers, and more are searchable at AlleGroningers.nl and at the national sites WieWasWie, OpenArchief, and Archieven.nl.




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