RHC Limburg, Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg, is the Provincial Archive of Limburg and has free Limburg Genealogy Records Online.

As one of the Provincial State Archives of the Netherlands, it is a Regional Historical Center and is part of the Consortium which sets policies for archives in Netherlands. RHC Limburg  collects records for:

  • Eijsden-Margraten

  • Vaals

  • Municipality Valkenburg

  • Province of Limburg

  • Municipality Maastricht

Their collections are often searchable in conjunction with SHCL, the Social Historical Center for Limburg which collects corporate, institutional, and private archives. RHC Limburg has church registries, civil registries, population records, and much more.

RHC Limburg genealogy searches will usually direct you to Archieven.nl,  but they also have free collections online at AlleLimburgers, WieWasWie, and OpenArchief.




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