The Rhode Island State Archives is the official archive for the State of Rhode Island and has some helpful digitized collections for genealogy and family history and many more collections onsite.


Birth, Marriage, and Death Records


Residence Records


Daily Life Records


Modern Helps

  • Rhode Island Social Sites – There are many Rhode Island Genealogy sites for networking with Rhode Island researchers, including Facebook, Twitter, message boards, and mailing lists. I’ve found some great resources for my genealogy research just by watching the useful links posted on Facebook sites. At the top of Facebook group pages, they often have a “files” section where they share Rhode Island records. It can be a goldmine!
  •  Rhode Island Facebook Groups and Pages
    • Descendants of Rhode Island Founding Families, a Facebook group
    • Genealogical & Historical Groups/Pages on Facebook  Facebook Groups that may be of interest to Rhode Islanders, compiled by Katherine Willson. “Katherine Willson serves on the Membership Committee for the Federation of Genealogical Societies, teaches Genealogy classes, does private genealogy research, and has compiled this list of over 11,000 Facebook genealogy links. Joining a Facebook community for the locale or subject you’re researching is a great way to connect with other researchers. Each group will have its own rules for posting so read the “description” of the group in the right-hand column (beneath the members’ names). If you haven’t already joined the Facebook community, genealogy research is a great reason to take the plunge!” From Top Free Genealogy Message Boards.
  • Rhode Island Twitter Accounts
  • Rhode Island Mailing Lists
  • Rhode Island Resource Sharing
    • Rhode Island Lookups by Volunteers, (RootsWeb is down now but this is the link: read the guidelines before making a request
    • Providence County freebies
    • Rhode Island USGenWeb Project Archives “free online data for genealogical research. These archives are dependent on volunteers, people just like you, donating their time by transcribing public domain records or other non-copyrighted primary sources.”
  • Rhode Island Mailing Lists
    • Rhode Island Gen Web Mailing list  (RootsWeb is down now but this is the link: List) “This mailing list is for discussions with others who are researching their Rhode Island ancestry, or who have other genealogical or historical interests in the state of Rhode Island. You will also get up-to-the minute RIGenWeb news.”


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