The Riksarkivet – National Archives Database or NAD is an online, searchable database for the archives throughout Sweden. There are vast collections online at the Riksarkivet that will be useful in genealogy and family history research, including birth, marriage and death records, census records, church records, military records, and more.

NAD has a search window for searching the entire archive. You can specify “only digitized material” and you can select more search options to see the vast collections available for more restricted searches. “Here you can find information about archives in Sweden. NAD is a database that provides a national archive form registers with archival references, records of archival institutions with contact information, and using databases of topographic classification and management history. …”The NAD on the Internet archive records from the National Archives archive institutions (National Archives, Military Archives and the state archives).”

NAD has a search window for searching locations “Search resorts” and this “Includes towns and territories that are linked to creator are mainly administrative territories. The NAD’s topographic database contains information on various administrative areas in Sweden, their boundaries and relationships, from the 1600s to today. The domestic territories presented is currently the country’s provinces, municipalities and church parishes, as well as a selection judicial (judicial office), ecclesiastical and administrative divisions.”

NAD has a search window for searching archive departments throughout Sweden “Search the archives” and “Here you can find contact information for archival institutions in Sweden. They also include the archives of institutions that have not yet provided information on their archives to NAD. Search can be made on the name and / or city.”


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