The Riksarkivet or National Archives for Sweden is a fee site with collections including census records, maps, letter collections and more, not available on other sites. They are “one of the oldest public agencies in Sweden, its history leading back to the Middle Ages. In the 17th century, Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna created a new organization for the record-keeping and the National Archives came into being. Today, the National Archives has the supervision of all public records of the agencies of the central Government, while it delegates to the regional archives the supervision of records generated by regional and local authorities. We receive and preserve records from public administration as well as from private corporations and individuals, and make them available for research.”

Records include:

Military Archives (Krigsarkivet), founded in 1805, the Military Archives keeps military records the 16th century forward

Research Center (Svensk Arkivinformation), specializes in family history and genealogy and has scanned and digitized records as well as books and publications available online

MKC, Media Conversion Center (Mediakonverteringscentrum), a scanning facility for historical documents thats produces about 100,000 digital images per day

Regional State Archives (Landsarkiven) keep records generated at the regional and local authorities (Goteborg, Harnosand, Lund, Uppsala, Vadstena, Visby, Ostersund have Regional Archives and Stockholm City, Malmö City, and Värmland have city archives

National Archival Database (NAD) is a nationwide database for Sweden available on the internet with records “from individuals, estates, organizations, businesses, and authorities.”




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