Our Roots – Nos Racines was a free digital library of Canada’s local histories hosted by the University of Calgary & Université Laval.

The content at Our Roots – Nos Racines is being moved to a new digital platform at the University of Calgary and is not all currently online. If you are looking for content that is missing from their site, please contact digitize@ucalgary.ca for assistance.

From the former site:

“Our Roots is a library, archive, museum and school all in one. Check the collection to find Canadian local histories in French and English. Check Educational Resources for learning packages for students and teachers. Check back with us often – we’re always adding more.”

The new University of Calgary Digital Collections includes:

#FreeGenealogy free digiitized histories, newspapers, & more at the University of Calgary Alberta Canada listed at #OnGenealogy


9 responses to “Our Roots – Nos Racines”

  1. What happened to Our Roots/Nos Racine? I don’t see a search screen and the links don’t work. I used to be able to access a list of local Ontario histories such as the Tweedsmuir Women’s Institute history of Magnetawan. I do not like this new format at all.

    1. They’ve changed the hosting site for Our Roots – Nos Racines. While they move content to the new hosting site, some of it is offline. You can email the hosts at digitize@ucalgary.ca with your specific requests for content you don’t see online. Best in your research!

    2. I agree!
      History should be free.
      All the good history information has been captured by the pay-for-view web-sites FOR MONEY. History SHAMEFULLY been seen as an opportunity to make money!

  2. I don’t like this new thing. Why couldn’t ourroots be left alone like it was before. The next thing is it will cost us something to research the books! This is happening way too much in internet genealogy.

  3. Why did they have to ruin our search. Was so easy to find our old books on roots.ca. Now I can’t find anything. What a loss.

  4. Changing the Our Roots site and scanned material has become so frustrating. It was so easy before to search for the scanned history books, small communities had done up in the 1980’s. Now many of them are gone from the site, which makes no sense as they were scanned and online before. So it should not have been a big job to move them over. Also searching for them is so hard, and many don’t come up when you try even if they are there due to the search criteria. Why change something that worked so well in the past?

  5. Why can’t we bring up our Local History anymore. From Ripples to Ways Local History. Greenwater Lake Saskatchewan
    If it has changed believe me how to look it up.

  6. I agree with everyone else. So disappointing now that they have changed ourroots. I can’t find any of the books that I am looking for. Was why easier before.

  7. The search on the University site is horrible, unless you know precisely what you are looking for. It should have been a simple task to copy the HTML code and CSS code from the previous site and paste into the university one. One could make all the internal links on the old site as relative links and just port them over. It isn’t rocket science nor neurobiology.


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