UPDATE – RootsWeb sites (owned by Ancestry.com) are currently unavailable while they resolve some security issues. If and when the sites are restored, we’ll make the links live, until then, we’ve included the links in parentheses.

RootsWeb (http://userdb.rootsweb.ancestry.com/intl/) has free Ireland Genealogy Records online from user-submitted transcriptions, indexes, and record compilations.

RootsWeb is now hosted by Ancestry.com and some databases have been made searchable, and still free, including these Irish Genealogy records:

  • Ireland: Dempster Ballymena Westchurch Marriages

  • Ireland: Marriage Index 1874 for Falkiner, Mansfield, Milton, Robinson and Torp(e)y

  • Ireland: Marriage Index for 1875 for Falkiner, Mansfield, Milton, Robinson and Torp(e)y

  • Ireland: Antrim & Down Co: Antrim & Down: Miscellaneous Dempster Records

  • Ireland: Antrim & Down: Miscellaneous Dempster Records

  • Ireland: Antrim & Down: Miscellaneous Dempster Records

  • Ireland: Armagh: Upper Killeavy Parish Records, Partial Abstract

  • Ireland: Clare: Country Clare Baptism

  • Ireland: Co. Tyrone: FULTON burials -Newtownstewart Church of Ireland

  • Ireland: Co. Tyrone: persons listed- “Changing Years” book

  • Ireland: Co. Tyrone: surname FULTON -Griffiths Valuation

  • Ireland: Co. Tyrone: surname FULTON marriages

  • Ireland: CONDRON Surname in Death Index 1864-1899

  • Ireland: Cork Co: Trehy Vital Records (Births)

  • Ireland: Counties Tipperary and Limerick: Baptismal Records, Diocese of Cashel & Emly

  • Ireland: Counties Tipperary and Limerick: Marriage Records, Diocese of Cashel & Emly

  • Ireland: County Cork: Ballincollig Military Cemetery, Cork Co, Ireland

  • Ireland: County Down: 1901 Census for Tullynakill Parish

  • Ireland: County Galway: RC Church Baptismal Records; Parish of Ballymacward & Gurteen 1889,1891,1893,1894

  • Ireland: DUBLIN SOUTH Co: Dublin: KENNEDY BIRTHS DUBLIN, Ireland 1882-1886

  • Ireland: Kerry Co: Irish Civil Registration Death Index Entries for the Surname Halpin

  • Ireland: Kerry: Baptism records from Kulcummin

  • Ireland: Kerry: Castleisland Baptismal Dates, Kerry, Ireland

  • Ireland: Kerry: Roman Catholic Marriages from Castleisland and Currow Parishes

  • Ireland: Kilkenny Co: Selected Baptisms, 1825-1875, Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland

  • Ireland: Leitrim Co: 1807 Freeholders of Leitrim

  • Ireland: Leitrim: Leitrim, Ireland Militia Paylists for 1794 and 1804

  • Ireland: Leitrim: Lord Leitrim’s Mohill & Cloone Estates 29th September 1843, Cloone, Ireland

  • Ireland: Longford Co: Longford Militia Muster, Pay List October 1824, Longford County, Ireland

  • Ireland: Newtownstewart: Church of Ireland Cemetery- FULTON surname

  • Ireland: Part Irish Census 1659-1766

  • Ireland: Part of Griffith Valuation and Tithe Applotment, Limerick and Tipperary

  • Ireland: Sarsfield (surname) Birth Records, 1864 to 1868 inclusive

  • Ireland: Tipperary Co: Trehy

    and Related Births, Marriages, and Deaths Since 1864

  • Ireland: Tipperary Co: Tipperary: Tipperary Death Records

  • Ireland: Tipperary County, NOLAN Surname Vital Statistics

  • Ireland: Tipperary: Clogheen Baptisms

  • Ireland: Tipperary: LUDDY (surname) Baptisms, Ballyporeen

  • Ireland: Clogheen, Co Tipperary: Clogheen Births

  • Ireland: Kilmore: 1901 House & Building Census

  • Ireland: Clare Co: All: Irish Church Records 1820-1901

Searches require a Surname (http://userdb.rootsweb.ancestry.com/intl/) (using at least 3 letters) and then any combination of parameters including First Name, Country, Record Type, or Year. “Database contains 265,347 records (47,162 distinct surnames); Selected states, and/or counties (as contributed)”


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