The Royal Alberta Museum has records on site that may be of interest to family history researchers. They have collections that tell of Alberta’s diverse ethnic communities including descendants such as Ukrainian, Norwegian, French-Canadian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, and religious communities such as: Roman Catholic, United Church, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Doukhobor, Hutterite, Mennonite, and Russian Old Believer.

They also have collections focusing on Alberta’s military, political, and law enforcement history as well as general Western Canadian history.



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  1. Hello, I am looking for help with finding any information,records, photos, of Christina Gordon, the first white woman to settle in the Ft. McMurray area at the turn of the century. She also supposedly ran a boarding house in Athabasca in the late 1800’s. If you have any information at all, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

    Cheers, Julie Golosky


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