The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick has a free collection of Saint John Almshouse Records for the years 1784-1900. Users can search the entire database or search the name index.

“Due to the varying literacy levels of those recording the information contained in the Almshouse records, and the language and accent barriers between residents and record keepers, inconsistencies in spelling frequently appear in the Almshouse records. Inconsistencies also exist in the way in which individuals appear in the records over the course time. For example an inmate recorded on first admission as “Mary Ann Murphy” might appear in subsequent references as “Mary Murphy”, “May Murphy”, “Mamie Murphy” or even “Ann” or “Annie Murphy”. Repetitions also exist due to re-admission of individuals, individuals who were “transferred” in the record book at the end of a year (they remained in the Almshouse), or individuals who were recorded in more than one of the institutions encompassed by the database.”

Possible Almshouse records information includes:

  • Date of Admission

  • Admitted by

  • Surname

  • Given names

  • Age

  • Condition

  • Date Landed

  • Where Landed

  • Religion

  • Parish

  • Time in house

  • Vessel

  • Vessel Type

  • Master

  • Died or Discharged

  • Date of Death or Discharged

  • Remarks

  • Place of origin

  • Nativity

  • Reference


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