SecureSafe offers highly secure online storage & password management and can be used on PC or Macintosh computers with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

SecureSafe is able to sync across all your devices so you have 24/7 access to your online storage and passwords.



With SecureSafe, we aim to offer high-level protection for your valuable data such as passwords, image collections, business files and personal documents, while allowing you to decide with whom these can be shared. 

Zero Knowledge
We guarantee that only yourselves and people authorized by yourselves will be able to access the data stored in your SecureSafe. No one else will ever have any access to your data, not even DSwiss employees (including programmers).

Ideal geographical conditions
All your data will be stored on servers located in Switzerland, a country well-known for its political and financial stability, reliable legal system and deep-rooted tradition for privacy protection.

Highest level quality since 2008
Our software is developed in Switzerland by highly qualified experts with many years of experience in their field.

Fair data handling
We respect clients’ rights to their own data. Hence, our business model is not based on pushing adverts to clients, nor is any client data ever sold to third parties.



SecureSafe has plans for individuals and businesses.

Individual plans include:

  • Free plan, 100 MB file storage, safe with 50 passwords
  • Pro plan, 1 GB file storage, safe with unlimited passwords, $1.50/month
  • Silver plan, 20 GB file storage, safe with unlimited passwords, $4.00/month
  • Gold plan, 100 GB file storage (upgradable), safe with unlimited passwords, $12.00/month


Business plans include:

  • a single project group, 1 shared workspace for all team members, 1 team safe with 10 GB storage space (expandable), $4.00/month
  • for companies with numerous separate workspaces, several team safes with 10GB storage space each (expandable), $9.50/month


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